Safeguarding Adults Board

Supporting Individuals to Manage Risk and Multi Agency Framework (MARM)

The West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board have launched the Supporting Individuals to Manage Risk and Multi Agency Risk Management Framework (MARM). This is in response to our priority: We will provide the partnership with the tools and framework to work effectively with people who Self-Neglect. 

The guidance and framework has been devised to support the West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Board Partnership to achieve successful outcomes when working with individuals who are thought to be taking risks in their life. Click here for the document.

The purpose of the Multi Agency Risk Management Framework (MARM) is to support the individual and staff to reach agreement and adopt strategies around risk decision and the management of those risks where they are manageable.  Concerns maybe around:

  • Where a support plan will not meet identified risks.

  • Where risks have been identified in giving an individual a direct payment to manage themselves including safeguarding concerns.

  • Where an individual is putting themselves or others at significant risk by refusing services.

  • All options have been explored and the level of risk is still high.

  • Disagreement between services / agencies on managing the level of risk

  • Any Local Authority worker can present a case to the MARM where there is a complex or challenging risk issue and where guidance and decision making are needed.

  • The person does not have to be in receipt of Adult Social Care support, the reason for the presentation to panel might be due to the individual refusing support, despite having care and support needs.

Referrals to MARM cannot be made outside of the host local authorities, if agencies are concerned about risks to individuals these concerns should be raised via the Care Management and Safeguarding Referral Routes. If referrers are not informed or not satisfied with the response to the concerns raised this should be escalated to the manager of the host Local Authorities Safeguarding Adults Team.

The Board will be carrying out an audit of MARM cases into understand if the process has had a positive impact for individuals and agencies. If you have any feedback on the process please do contact the Board’s Business Manager via email on